New York Biographies

     AccessGenenaloy's biography center is a great way to add genealogy notes to your family tree. While some are small sketches of citizens of various townships and county histories, others are extensive biographies of the individual.

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Genealogy and Biography of Ontario County, New York

New York Biographies OnLine
(hosted at New York Biography Project)













Kings Brooklyn



New York City








St. Lawrence











New York State Men and Biographies (hosted at Darcis Place of Origins)

Argersinger, Chauncey
Bailey, Elijah Prentiss
Barnes, Dana A.
Batchelder, Walter Whipple
Beckwith, Charles Day
Betts, James A.
Blood, James
Bostwick, George M.
Brandow, Augustus Springer
Briggs, Charles Gilchrist
Brownell, William Miles
Buchanan, Charles J.
Cahill, Daniel W.
Carey, Joseph
Carpenter, George Washington
Carter, George Galen
Case, Daniel Chichester
Charles, William Barclay
Cleminshaw, Charles
Cleveland, Frederick
Clute, John
Cooper, Rensselaer J.
Dayton, Alphonse
Dean, Luther I.
Denison, Henry Delmater
Dewey, Melvil
Deyo, George
Didama, Henry D.
Douglas, Curtis Noble
Downing, Augustus S.
Dugan, John H.
Dugan, Patrick C.
Fisher, Jerome B.
Fonda, Douw Henry
French, Salphronius H.
Frey, William August
Glazier, Willard
Gleason, William J.
Glen, Horatio Gates
Gould, Bertis M.
Greene, David Maxon
Greene, Fred Remington
Grieme, Henry C.
Hall, William Griffin Butler
Hanson, James Howard
Harrington, Francis A.
Heaton, Willis Edgar
House, Edward O.
Huntington, Frederick Dan
Ingalls, Charles Russell
Jackson, Samuel W.
James, Samuel R.
Jefferson, Charles Wilkin
Jenkins, Edgar Marshal
Kavanaugh, Frederick W.
Kellogg, John
Krum, Charles Bolton
Landon, Judson S.
Lansing, Charles Bridgen
Lockwood, Henry Roswell
Loucks, William Dewey
Magee, A. Vedder
Marsters, Emory
McCarthy, Peter
McDonough, Bernard J.
Morris, Abram Vrooman
Mosher, George A.
Myers, John G.
Nichols, Edgar B.
Nicholson, William Sidney
Noel, William A. Jr.
Palmer, Erastus Dow
Park, Charles
Parks, Stephen
Payn, Louis Frisby
Pearson, William Libbey
Peck, Willard
Pendleton, J. Philip B.
Quirk, Michael H.
Rathbun, Acors
Riddell, Rudolph Romeo
Roberts, Hershel
Rockwell, Lewis H.
Rohrer, Albert L.
Scovill, Edward Washburn
Sherwood, John Emory
Shine, James Henry
Sigsbee, Charles Dwight
Skinner, Charles Rufus
Smith, David Cady
Smith, Sanford Willard
Soule, Henry Altenburg
Steinmetz, Charles Proteus
Stewart, John Knox
Stone, George Albert
Sugden, James Taylor
Tayler, Benjamin Walter Rogers
Ten Eyck, Jacob Lansing
Ten Eyck, Visscher
Thacher, George Hornell
Thompson, George S.
Thompson, Smith
Tillinghast, Charles W.
Trego, Thomas Markley
Tremper, Cantine
Twining, Frank B.
Tyler, Frederick A.
Van Alstyne, Thomas Jefferson
Van Brocklin, William Seward
Van Buren, Martin
Van Rensselaer, Howard
Van Vranken, Josiah
Vander Veer, Edgar
Wallace, William James
Wallin, Samuel
Walsh, James Lucey
Warnick, Spencer K.
Wemple, Andrew T.G.
Wieting, Charles Augustus
Williams, Chauncey P.

Western New York Suffragists (hosted at Western New York Suffragists, Winning the Vote)


Mary Anthony

Susan B. Anthony

Clara Barton

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell

William Bloss

Abigail Bush

Emily P. Collins

Ella Hawley Crossett

Rhoda DeGarmo

Frederick Douglass
Dr. Sarah R. A. Dolley

Mary Lewis Gannett

William C. Gannett

Kate Gleason

Dr. Cordelia A. Greene

Jean Brooks Greenleaf

Mary P. Hallowell

Martha Matilda Harper

Mary Howell

Hester Jeffreys

Delia Kenyon

Agnes Slosson Lewis
Anne Fitzhugh Miller

Elizabeth Smith Miller

Helen Barrett Montgomery

Rhoda Palmer

Amy Post

Isaac Post

Dr. Marion Craig Potter

Henry R. Selden

Catharine A.F. Stebbins

Emma Biddlecom Sweet

Fannie Barrier Williams

Sarah Hallowell Willis



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